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How Does a Periodontist Treat Gum Disease?

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Gum disease can destroy the soft tissue and bones that support your teeth. During regular dental examinations, a periodontist can diagnose and treat gum-related issues before they become a permanent problem. At Northeast Periodontal Specialists, our experts offer the latest tools and technologies to preserve your oral health.

Symptoms like sore gums and bleeding may seem minor at first. However, it is important to visit an experienced professional for treatment. To learn more about procedures a periodontist can perform, meet with our periodontists in Worcester, MA. We offer comprehensive solutions for periodontal disease and more.

Gum disease symptoms

Gum disease is usually caused by poor oral hygiene. People who do not spend time brushing or flossing their teeth regularly are susceptible to infection. During routine examinations, a periodontist will assess your mouth and check for problems, such as bleeding or swelling. Northeast Periodontal Specialists may also take X-ray images to evaluate the health of your gums. This consultation is the best time to describe any symptoms you may be experiencing, such as:

  • Bleeding

  • Sore gums

  • Gum recession

  • Swelling and inflammation

  • Loose or separating teeth

  • Chronic bad breath

  • Tooth sensitivity

As we mentioned, gum disease can lead to significant health problems if left untreated. Routine dental examinations and cleanings are the only way to identify periodontal disease as early as possible. The good news is that gum disease can be reversed if it is caught in the beginning stages.

Periodontal disease stages

Gingivitis is caused by plaque buildup around the gumline. This beginning stage of periodontal disease can be reversed with the help of a trusted periodontist. The second stage occurs when the bone and fibers that strengthen your teeth are affected. Patients require deep cleaning to make sure the infection does not cause any damage.

Advanced periodontal disease occurs when bacteria have deteriorated the underlying supportive bone. This stage requires advanced periodontal treatment in Worcester, MA. If this is the case, our periodontists work hard to help patients avoid serious issues, such as tooth loss and gum recession.

Periodontal treatment

Periodontal treatments are ultimately based on the progression of your gum disease. The trusted staff at Northeast Periodontal Specialists may suggest dental cleanings to remove unwanted plaque and tartar or more frequent cleanings to make sure plaque stays away. Scaling and root planing is a method of deep cleaning for any plaque above and below the gumline. Smoothing out any rough spots provides a clean surface so the gums can reattach to the teeth. If a patient has suffered bone loss as a result of gum disease, a periodontist may use bone grafts to make your teeth more stable.

Schedule regular dental exams

Northeast Periodontal Specialists is proud to help patients improve their overall oral health through regular dental exams and cleanings. If you experience problems like bleeding or sore gums, reach out to our experienced periodontists right away to learn about your options. Our clinic offers several forms of periodontal treatment based on your needs and concerns in Worcester, MA.

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