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Dangers Of Gum Disease

Emerging research in the medical field is convincingly demonstrating how gum disease can put you at greater risk for other diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, head, neck, and pancreatic cancer, kidney disease, and pre-term delivery. Because gum disease is caused by a bacterial infection within your mouth, toxins from these bacteria can spread throughout the rest of your body through your circulatory system. We recommend preventing gum disease with sound dental hygiene and by seeking treatment as soon as evidence of gum disease presents itself.


Diabetes is typified by an inability to regulate blood-sugar levels. In medical research, scientists have linked gum disease with a greater incidence of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes can in turn put you at greater risk for the development of other chronic diseases. Contact our office to begin treatment for your gum disease.

Heart Disease

Gum disease may interfere with the normal behavior of various elements within our blood, including our platelets. Researchers have discovered a correlation between heart disease and gum disease. Many heart associations and foundations around the world encourage good oral hygiene. Avoiding periodontal infections can be heart healthy!


Patients with gum disease have a 4.3-times higher risk for stroke than those with mild or no disease. Periodontal disease is highly correlated with diseases of the brain and the heart, and we encourage you to practice sound dental hygiene.


Patients who suffer from osteoporosis have a greater chance of suffering from tooth loss and experienced periodontal disease. If you suffer from osteoporosis, we encourage you to learn preventive care from our team at Northeast Periodontal Specialists.

Low Birth Weight & Premature Babies

Studies show that women who suffer from gum disease may be at greater risk for having a child preterm or with a low birth weight. We strongly encourage you to visit with our periodontist about how to prevent and treat gum disease.

Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer and gum disease have been linked in recent studies. In fact, there are significant findings that periodontal disease can increase your risk for developing pancreatic cancer. We encourage you to visit Northeast Periodontal Specialists if you suffer from gum disease in Worcester, MA.

Tooth & Bone Loss

Periodontal disease can put you at high risk for tooth loss, which can have a dramatic impact on your lifestyle. Tooth loss can impact your speech, your diet, and your facial appearance. We encourage you to practice good dental hygiene and to contact our office for treatment for gum disease.